Monday, February 16, 2009

Neither rain nor snow nor fog nor the idiocy of California drivers...

...will keep me from my duties at the crystal factory, it seems.

Well, I'm back from my weekend in Los Angeles. The person that I was mainly going to visit intervened, apparently, with the weather gods on Friday, thus saving me from anything but about fifty miles of obnoxious, blatting rain just west of Needles and then some fog that made me tap the brakes to slow down maybe twice as I snaked my way down the Cajon Pass to San Bernardino. For the way home, well...not so much with the intervention. I-15 was actually closed for awhile at the Cajon Pass while I was heading out of LA, where they were also having torrential downpours that were making LA drivers actually go below the speed limit on the freeways. There was intermittent rain all along I-40, as well, and some snow in the heights between Kingman and Seligman. There's actually a winter storm warning in effect for Kingman, but I made good enough time after the Cajon Pass business that I got through all that before the rain actually turned to snow. I got snowed on for maybe about a mile and a half, which I consider a win.

So I dunno. Maybe all that is the intervention of the weather could conceivably have been far worse than it was. In any event, I am home safe, and sitting in my bar away from home, having a couple of beers before rolling through the last mile or so to my domicile.

It was lovely being away for a few days, and lovely seeing some very dear people who I haven't seen in a long time. I also found myself oddly charmed by Dave Eggers's Time Travel Mart in Echo Park, even though I have something of an aversion to Mr. Eggers himself. My souvenir from the weekend came from there--a 1986-87 State Department report on Soviet propaganda and disinformation operations. Awesome. It is, however, nice to be home, too, and to be home safely, despite all the fucking weather. Tra la. Cheers.


  1. I also have an aversion to Mr. Eggers and his Uplifting Slog of Saccharine Blather.

    Glad the weather didn't get you.

  2. Oh...and the BobShap video blog? **shudder**

  3. I don't think I even want to know about the BobShap video blog. Gah.

  4. Sorry about the weather on the way home. I think they were actually trying to help. They define things differently and get a bit mixed up sometimes.

  5. Well, like I say, it could have been far worse. It was bad, as it was, but I think that that might have been the weather gods being as kind as they could be. So.

  6. I can't believe you came to California and we didn't get to see you. Tragic! I would have put in a supply of turtle beer (hm. Do they have turtle beer here? Must investigate.) and Bali Shag.
    It continues to be wet. The drivers were moving at a decorous 50 mph this morning... I felt like I was in a parade.