Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy birthday to me! And the [blink] tag!

Well, I still haven't dealt with the UIC snafu, but as achievements go, I can at least lay claim to this one: I am now...


(Actually, one of the main reasons for this post was to test whether the [blink] tag, which was officially retired from the HTML standard some years ago, still works. This information might become important, depending on whether an idea regarding a website devoted to Atari stock actually goes forward. It probably won't, but hey, you never know. And, in any event, happy birthday to me!)

UPDATE: I actually had to modify the above parenthetical note, because having the [blink] tag in there, using the proper "<>" signs, caused not only most of that note to blink, but also caused some of the sidebar headings and sections, and other random text-based page elements, to blink as well. Yikes. The [blink] tag, even retired, remains virulent and dangerous. Be ever vigilant. Cheers.


  1. Happy birthday, lovely, wise, and wonderful Smoking Buddha.

  2. I'm glad you disabled the blinking. Just because you're thirty-seven now doesn't mean you get to give people seizures.

    Many happy returns, dear.

  3. What the Emilyon said. It's still blinking, though. Does that mean I've won something?

    Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday (again). For your birthday I sent you a box full of revolution, Super Mutants, monkeys, and a couple of alien pod creatures. Enjoy!